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Dreamweaver Advanced Training


Course Description

This 2 day, Advanced Dreamweaver course is designed for those who have completed the Dreamweaver Introduction course (or have equivalent knowledge) and now want to advance their skills further.

There is a strong emphasis on advanced CSS techniques, working with Dreamweaver’s built-in JavaScript elements as well as creating standards compliant and accessible pages which render consistently across all popular browsers.


Completion of the 2 day Dreamweaver Introduction course or equivalent knowledge is required for this course.


At the end of this course, students will have an solid understanding of advanced CSS techniques, form validation and the ability to work with Dreamweaver’s built in Javascript elements.[/one_half_last]

Course Outline


HTML & CSS Concepts & Best Practices

Working to web standards

Designing for accessibility

Doctype encodings

Quirks vs standards browser mode

Natural flow of a HTML document

CSS cascade, inheritance & specificity

CSS management & best practices

Building a CSS layout

Troubleshooting browser anomalies

Internet Explorer Conditional Comments

Resetting browser defaults

The CSS box model & browser interpretation

Centering divs in all browsers

Working with the CSS float property

Floated elements – problems & solutions

Define absolutely positioned elements



Background Layout Graphics

Using CSS background graphics

Creating faux columns

Creating rounded corners

CSS Styled Navigation

Create CSS styled horizontal navigation

Create CSS styled vertical navigation

Create CSS image rollovers (no JavaScript)

Designing for Non Screen Media

Targeting non-screen media with CSS

Designing for print devices including:

Print-friendly design considerations

Designing for handheld devices including:

Handheld-friendly design considerations

Use Adobe Device Central

Favicons for URL Display

Favicon specifications & considerations

Creating Favicons with online generators

Creating Favicons with Photoshop plug-ins



Advanced Forms

Create accessible forms

Define access keys & tab index

Grouping fields with the fieldset element

Styling form & form fields with CSS

Aligning checkboxes and radio fields

Client side form validation

Spry form field validation

Building AJAX elements with Spry

The Adobe Spry framework

Creating Spry collapsible panels

Creating Spry tabbed panels

Creating Spry accordions

Styling a Spry layout widget

Modifying Spry behaviours


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