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Dreamweaver Introduction Training


Course Description

This 2 day course is designed for individuals wanting to learn how to create or edit web sites using Adobe Dreamweaver. It details everything you need to know in order to create a new site from start to finish.

In this course you will start by examining the Dreamweaver workspace and modifying it to suit your workflow. Once familiar with the interface you will define a new site, create new pages using CSS layouts, populate pages with content including text, images, links, tables, Flash and lists, style content with CSS, run site checking reports and finally upload a site to a live web server.

Tips on helping your site perform better in search engines also included. [/one_half][one_half_last]


The following is required for this course. An understanding of:

  • Basic HTML and CSS coding
  • The processes required for planning a website
  • The processes required to create a site mockup

Note: If you’ve never worked with or trained in HTML and CSS, it is strongly recommended that you attend the 1 Day HTML / Web Principles course prior to enrolling in this course.

The HTML / Web Principles course prepares you by introducing core concepts and processes required when creating websites.



At the end of this 2 day Dreamweaver course, students will have a solid understanding of Dreamweaver and the web design process. This will enable them to create and manage their own web sites.


Course Outline


Exploring the Dreamweaver Workspace

Dreamweaver features overview

Working with & managing panels

Modifying workspace layouts

Overview of the following panels:

Properties, Insert, CSS, Files

Tag selector

Document toolbar

Switching document views

Dreamweaver preferences

Getting Started

Defining a local site

Page layout options – CSS vs tables

Working with CSS starter layouts

Saving & file naming considerations

Setting search friendly Title tags

Setting search friendly Meta Description tags

Setting Meta Keywords tag

Working with Text, Lists & Tables

Insert & modify text & headings

Create bulleted & numbered lists

Spell checking

Inserting special characters

Inserting multiple space

Testing pages in multiple browsers

Creating & editing tables

Modifying table properties



Working with Links

Understanding file paths

Linking to internal site pages incl. PDFs

Linking to external web site pages

Creating null links

Creating email links

Creating links from images

Linking to named anchors

Automatic link checking

Working with Images

Image considerations

Inserting images

Defining image attributes

Working with the assets panel

Editing Tools: Fireworks & Photoshop

Round-triping images

Optimising images file size

Creating image rollovers

Working with Forms

Introduction to form design

Setting form action & method

Inserting forms fields

Setting form field properties

Creating jump menus

Introducing Spry

Ajax & Spry overview

Spry menu bar widgets



Inserting Flash Media

Inserting a SWF or FLV File

Working with CSS

CSS overview & styling workflow

Setting page properties

Insert & style divs

The CSS styles panel

The CSS rule definition dialog box

CSS properties & values

Style values (absolute vs relative)

Create an element selector

Create & apply class selectors

Create & apply ID selectors

Create compound selectors

Exporting style rules

Linking to style sheets

Increasing Productivity

Create & modify templates

Create & update template child pages

Create, use & update library items

Code checking & reporting tools

Publishing to the Web

Registering a domain name

Choosing a web host

Define a remote site in Dreamweaver

Uploading & downloading sites

Synchronizing with a server



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