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A great range of articles, tips, tricks, quizzes, tutorials and training videos on Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, SEO and Captivate. Discover time saving shortcuts or how to join free live training seminars provided by Adobe. New articles added frequently.

About Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is the leading application for creating web pages in a ‘point and click’ environment. Each time you select a menu command or click on a toolbar button, Dreamweaver writes (X)HTML, CSS and Javascript code for you. When a page is viewed in a web browser, the browser can read and understand the code and therefore displays the page as intended.

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A web page is simply a text file ‘marked up’ with (X)HTML code. (X)HTML forms the basis of all web pages and provides structure and content information to a browser i.e. The code tells the browser where to place headings, body text, images etc. Web pages are styled using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Interactivity and effects (behaviours) can be created with JavaScript.

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About Captivate

Adobe Captivate is regarded as the industry leading ‘Screen casting’ software and can be used to capture screen/software simulations, quizzes and more. There are other programs on the market that can deliver aspects of Captivates functionality but none of them offer everything Captivate does.

Captivates crowning glory must be its ability to automatically capture your actions within any piece of software or system and create demonstrations, interactive training simulations and assessments (all at the same time if you choose). As you record, Captivate automatically creates success, failure and hint captions; click boxes (hotspots) and text entry fields to make learning as interactive as possible for the user. Everything Captivate captures and creates is fully editable including mouse paths and narration.

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