InstructorAlice Hamilton
TypeOnsite Course
Time9am-5pm (1 day)
PlaceSydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
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SEO elements

What is SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) incorporates a set of techniques you can use to increase the position of a web site in search engine results pages. This increases the likely hood of people finding your site.

An SEO website also encourages site visitors to take the actions you want them to take on your site e.g. purchase a product or subscribe to a newsletter.

About this course

This 1 day SEO course is hands-on and provides practical skills for those new to search engine optimisation.

Course content is tailored to suit the needs of the class participants who are encouraged to examine their own websites* for the duration of the course. Learn which aspects of your website can be improved and explore a range of tools and techniques which will improve your websites performance in search results and create enhanced visitor engagement.

The trainer will provide 1:1 support and advice to participants throughout the course and will provide examples via real websites during training.

Prior web design and/or marketing experience not required. This course is designed for all abilities.

* No website. No problem. We can provide a website for you to explore during training.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this 1 day course, students will have a solid understanding of the key aspects of SEO, be able to identify issues relating to their website and others and have strategies to implement on course completion.

Section 1About search engines
Lecture 1Use tools to track search engine market share
Lecture 2Discover how search engines index pages
Lecture 3Discover how search engines rank pages
Lecture 4Identify Google's positive and negative ranking factors
Lecture 5Pay per click / Google Adwords overview
Section 2Scoping and assessing your project and market(s)
Lecture 6Scope and assess your SEO project and target market(s)
Lecture 7Scope and assess client or manager's requirements
Lecture 8Conduct an SEO assessment of your site
Lecture 9Use SEO analysis tools to generate reports and identify problem areas
Lecture 10Conduct competitor analysis - Identify and assess your competitors
Lecture 11Assess the accessibility of your website and why its important to SEO
Section 3Successful keyword research and integration
Lecture 12What is keyword research and why is it important
Lecture 13Step by step - the keyword research process
Lecture 14Create and refine a keyword list for your site
Lecture 15Learn how to integrate keywords for success
Lecture 16Learn what to avoid when integrating keywords
Section 4Optimise HEAD tags
Lecture 17Identify and learn about the TITLE tag
Lecture 18Identify and learn about the meta DESCRIPTION tag
Lecture 19Optimise a TITLE tag for search engines and site visitors
Lecture 20Optimise a meta DESCRIPTION tag for increased traffic
Section 5SEO Copywriting
Lecture 21Learn about search engine content preferences
Lecture 22Examine your content and identify where improvements can be made
Lecture 23Learn how to successfully integrate keywords for 2018
Lecture 24Use HTML tags to weight keywords
Lecture 25Create page copy that encourages visitor engagment
Lecture 26Create conversions via pathways and 'calls to action'
Section 6Optimising non text content
Lecture 27Define optimised image alt tags
Lecture 28Create long descriptions for complex images
Lecture 29Use images to reinforce page content
Lecture 30Use images to focus user attention
Lecture 31Optimising Video and multimedia
Section 7Avoiding spamming search engines
Lecture 32Search engine spam - an overview of what, why and how
Lecture 33Identify search engine spam
Lecture 34Search engine imposed penalties for spamming
Lecture 35'Black hat' vs 'White hat' SEO - the good the bad and the inbetween
Lecture 36Review SEO standards and guidelines
Lecture 37What to do if your site has been identifed as spamming
Section 8Search engine and directory listings
Lecture 38Pre-launch checklist
Lecture 39How your new site gets listed by search engines
Lecture 40Choosing and submitting to directories
Lecture 41Tips for what to avoid
Section 9Regional and local optimisation
Lecture 42Choosing a search friendly domain
Lecture 43Choosing web hosts and hosting locations
Lecture 44On-page local optimisation considerations
Lecture 45Creating a Google 'My Business' account
Lecture 46Optimising a Google My Business account listing
Lecture 47Explore the value of online reviews and how to manage them
Section 10Social media and its role in SEO
Lecture 48Introducing social media and its impact on SEO
Lecture 49Explore the latest Social platform marketshare in Australia
Lecture 50Choosing a social platform for your business
Lecture 51Content promotion and sharing for increased traffic
Lecture 52Using social media for trust and brand building