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Captivate Object Styles

Streamlining styling consistency of slide objects in Adobe Captivate
Captivate Object Style Manager dialog box
3 Jun 2011

Styling with Captivate Object Styles


Article by Kevin Siegel

How many times have you had to update the appearance of objects in Captivate and the pesky Apply to All feature simply didn’t work? If you’ve tried to update Captivate’s text captions across an entire project, then you know how truly hit or miss the process can be.

Using Caption styles, you can alter the way text captions will appear in a project. Once you set up the appearance of the default Caption Style, new captions will take on the attributes of the style and save you a ton of manual formatting. Want to update the appearance of your project’s text captions months from now? Simple. Update the style and BAM! Every text caption will follow the lead of its style.

To edit the Default Caption Style, choose Edit > Object Style Manager. From the top of the Object Style Manager dialog box, select Default Caption Style (there are also defaults for Success, Failure and Hint Captions).

You can use the Caption area at the right to specify a Caption type. From the Character area, you can select a font Family, Style and Size (such as Verdana, Regular, 16). From the Format area, you can specify the alignment both horizontally and vertically. And there are other formatting options available.

When you insert new text captions (via Insert > Standard Objects > Text Caption), each new caption will follow the formatting specified in the style. Cool!

Of course, here’s where things get interesting. I added several captions to a slide. Each used the Default Caption Style. Next I did the unthinkable–I manually changed the appearance of each caption. What a mess!

You might want to stand back a bit… this next step just might leave a mark. I selected all of the captions that I fouled up. Then, from the top of the Properties panel, I clicked the Reset Style button.

And Bam, Bam, Bam! All of the text captions once again followed the formatting I specified in the object style!

This article has been republished with the permission of Kevin Siegel of Icon Logic Inc.
Kevin can be followed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/kevin_siegel.

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