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Format & Customise Captivate Widgets

Modify Captivate widgets to align with style guides and design preferences
Captivate certificate widget
1 Aug 2015

Format & Customise Captivate Widgets


The example provided below looks specifically at the Certificate widget however, the same process can be used for modifying any on the widgets that are packaged with Adobe Captivate.

Lets begin…

  1. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Captivate 4\Gallery\Widgets\
    The sub-folders that display, contain the widget source files (editable .fla files)
  2. Create a copy of the .fla file you wish to modify then paste it to a separate location. In this exercise, I will be copying: Certificate.fla located in the Certificate.wdgt folder and pasting it into the ‘My Documents’ folder.
    WARNING: I strongly recommend not modifying any file located within the Program Files folder.
  3. Open the copied Certificate.fla in Flash. Simply double click the file in Windows Explorer.
  4. Modify the widget as required, including changing colours, text etc. You will likely require some Flash experience at this point. If you don’t have any, all is not lost. To get started, double click the area of your certificate you wish to modify and examine the options in the panels to the right of the screen. Note: more panels are available from the Windows menu.
  5. Once you are happy with your changes, re-save the file. [Ctrl] + S
  6. Select File menu > Publish to publish to the file as a .swf to the same location.
  7. Return to your Captivate project.
  8. On a blank slide (Insert > Blank Slide), insert the new Certificate widget. (Insert > Widget), then navigate to the certificate.swf file just modified and double click to open.
  9. The Widget Properties dialog box displays. Select the [Widget Parameters] tab, to change properties as required eg.the course name. Select the other tabs and set additional properties as required.
  10. Click OK to exit the Widget Properties dialog box.
Attention Flash Developers

If you are already a Flash and/or Action Script guru, you may wish to create your own widgets from scratch. In Captivate, select File menu > New > Widget in Flash and you’re on your way… Good luck.