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Captivate anchors - How to hide them?

The what, why and how to of anchors in Captivate timelines
2 Jun 2011

Anchors Away?


Article by Kevin Siegel

You’ve seen them… and you’ve ignored them. But what, exactly, are they? I’m referring to those pesky red arrows you will see to right of objects on the Timeline.

The red arrows indicate that the Timeline object is anchored to the end of the slide’s play time.

So now that you know what the red arrows mean, I bet you’re wondering if the anchors are good, or bad.

Personally, I don’t like the anchors. Why? Try this experiment: Go to a slide with anchored objects. Extend the play time for the slide for 5 or 10 seconds (drag the right edge of the slide’s object on the Timeline to the right). As you drag, notice that the anchored objects move to the right and end at the slide’s new end time. But look at the left edge of those objects (the left edge is when the objects will appear on the slide). You’ll notice that the timing has changed–something that most Captivate developers don’t want to happen every time the timing for a slide is adjusted.

What’s a Captivate developer to do? Since the anchors will appear every time an object touches the End of a slide’s timing (should you drag the object right on the Timeline), and you can’t disable the anchors, you’ll need to perform a quick workaround. (Okay, so maybe the term workaround is a bit harsh. Anchors aren’t a bug in Captivate, they’re a feature. I just think anchors are a feature that can cause issues. So let’s call this little step creating an enhanced anchor). The workaround–creating an enhanced anchor–isn’t a difficult task. Simply select all of the slide’s objects, right-click and choose Show for the rest of the slide. If you extend the play time for a slide now, the slide’s objects will extend as if they were anchored, but their start times will not change. Nice!


This article has been republished with the permission of Kevin Siegel of Icon Logic Inc.
Kevin can be followed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/kevin_siegel.

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