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Analyse Quiz Data - LMS Not Rqd, Part 2

Post quiz data to your Web server and eliminate the need for both Acrobat.com or an LMS
2 Jun 2011

Analyse Quiz Data – LMS Not Rqd, Part 2


Article by Kevin Siegel

Last week I wrote about how Adobe Captivate 5 offers an alternate reporting method for posting quiz data instead of an expensive LMS: Acrobat.com and the free Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer.

To recap, you can set up Acrobat.com to receive your learner’s posted quiz data. Once posted, you would then use the Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer to create reports and charts.

There’s just one problem with Acrobat.com and it’s, well, Acrobat.com. Each of your learners will need an Acrobat.com account. While free, creating the account and using Acrobat.com might prove impossible given the possibility of IT or corporate restrictions.

This week, let’s investigate a second alternative reporting method… that’s right… an alternate to the alternate. Believe it or not, you can also post quiz data to your own Web server and completely bypass both Acrobat.com and the need for an LMS.

Configure a Web Server, Set Up a Reporting Script and Post Quiz Data:

  1. Create a Web server and include a reporting script (Adobe gives you one called InternalServerReporting.php).Setting up a server and using the reporting script isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There is a helpful video and instructions on both setting up the Web server and installing the reporting script here.
  2. Once the server is set up, and you’ve got the reporting script in place, open or create a Captivate project that includes a quiz.
  3. Choose Quiz > Quiz Preferences.
  4. From the Quiz Reporting category, select Enable reporting for this project.
  5. From the Learning Management System (LMS) area, select Internal Server.
  6. Click the Configure button.The Configure Internal Server Settings dialog box opens.
  7. In the Server field, type the server address you set up earlier.
  8. Fill in the Company/Institute, Department, and Course fields.
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. Click the OK button.
  11. Go to the Quiz Results slide in your project and you’ll notice that a Post Results button has automatically been added.
  12. Publish the project and view the results.
  13. Take the quiz and when you get to the results slide, click the Post Results button to post the results to the server.Once the results are posted, you would use the Adobe Captivate Quiz Results Analyzer to create the reports (see last week’s article to learn about that).


This article has been republished with the permission of Kevin Siegel of Icon Logic Inc.
Kevin can be followed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/kevin_siegel.

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