Training Testimonials

Karen - Training Dept. of Education
The best presenter I’ve had for any training course. Alice is a natural teacher and has the patience of a saint!! Particularly impressive was her ability to adapt the pace and content of the course to suit the participants.
Tanya - Training participant Telecommunications sector
Trainer was fantastic, very helpful and resourceful. Explained everything thoroughly especially for someone like me who has had no experience on this subject matter.
Chrissy - Training participant Privately booked training
Alice has a fabulous range of knowledge from her hands on experience in the market. She could find an answer – including a site to view a sample – in nearly every instance put before her.
Amanda - Training participant Legal Sector
Alice was an extremely good presenter and went at the perfect pace.
Kirsty - Training participant Public Education sector
I am very happy with the training and look forward to coming back next Thursday and Friday.
Michael - Training participant Automotive Industry
I liked the fact that I was tested throughout the course to check my level of understanding.
Susan - Training participant Wands Printing
Very patient and drew on a lot of real life design experience.
Rajesh - Training participant Legal sector
Easy to understand and quick to help solve a question.
Tyson - Training participant Privately booked training
Alice was a great teacher.
Robert - Training participant Energy sector
Alice was a great teacher.
Emily - Training participant Legal sector
Alice has a brilliant personality for delivering training material and her ability to address everyone’s questions and/or level of understanding is outstanding.