Captivate Introduction Training

Course Description

The 2 day course is for people who want to learn how to produce interactive elearning modules and quizzes using Adobe Captivate. There is a strong focus on speeding workflow and minimising the file size of finished Captivate projects.


Participants should have basic computer knowledge including the ability to:

  • Manage files including – open, close, save and use Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac) .
  • Apply basic editing skills including: – copy, paste and undo.


At the end of this 2 day Captivate Essentials course, students will have a good understanding of how to use Captivate to create elearning modules and quizzes. This course provides the knowledge and skills required to participate in the Captivate Level II course.

Course Outline

eLearning & Captivate

Planning eLearning Projects

The Development Process

Estimating Budget and Time Required

The Captivate 4 Interface

Demonstrations & Simulations

Resolution and Recording Size

Rehearse a Script

Set Recording Preferences and Keys

Record a Demonstration

Record an Assessment

Record a Training Simulation

Record a Custom Assessment Simulation

FMRs, Panning & Image Slideshows

Full Motion Recording

Record in Multiple Windows Simultaneously with Panning

Create an Image Slideshow

Text Captions

Insert, Resize and Move Text Captions

Format Text Captions

Change Text Caption Properties

Check Spelling

Set Slide & Object Timing (Timeline)

View the Timeline

Change Timeline View Settings

Change an Object’s Slide Position and Size

Change a Slide’s Display Time

Use the Timeline to Set Object Display Times

Show/Hide Timeline Objects

Use Options to Control Object Timing

Images & Drawing Objects

Insert and Delete Slides

Insert an Image

Set Image Size and Slide Position

Use the Library

Manage Unused Project Assets

Control Transparency

Create an Image Watermark

Set Image Timing Options and Transition Effects

Work With Image Stacks

Add a Visual Mouse Click and Click Sound

Insert a Drawing Object

Align Slide Objects

Pointers, Buttons & Highlight Boxes

Change the Pointer Path & Pointer Type

Edit Slide and Object Display Times

Insert a Text Button

Set a Button’s Options

Insert an Image Button

Insert and Format a Highlight Box

Set Mouse Properties

Duplicate a Slide and Hide the Mouse

Rollovers & Zoom Areas

Insert a Rollover Caption

Set Rollover Caption Properties

Insert a Rollover Image

Set Rollover Image Properties

Insert a Zoom Area

Insert a Rollover Slidelet

Set Rollover Slidelet Properties

Format and Position a Slidelet

Insert a Caption & Image Into a Slidelet

Animation & Flash Video

Change a Project’s Frame Rate

Add Animation to a Slide

Insert Text Animation

Insert Flash Video

Set Flash Video Properties

Slide Labels, Notes & Audio

Change Slide Background Quality

Add Slide Labels & Notes

Add Audio Files to Projects

Working with Audio

Inserting Silence

Convert Slide Notes to Speech

Converting Demonstrations Into Simulations

Demonstrations versus Simulations

Replace Phrases

Insert a Click Box and set Options

Change a Slide’s Display Time

Set a Text Caption Transition

Insert a Text Entry Box

Introduction to Question Slides

Set Quiz Preferences

Insert a Question Slide

Add an Image to a Question Slide

Reuse a Slide Background

Format the Question Title

Use the Slide Grid

Format the Progress Indicator


Link to a Web Site

Apply a Skin

Edit and Save a Skin

Delete a Skin

Add a Loading Screen

Set Project Information

Create a Table of Contents

Publish a Project as a Flash File (SWF)

Publish a Project as a Word Handout

Export Captions to MS Word

Import Edited Captions from Word

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